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Conference report: XXVIII Blanquerna Conference on Communication and International Relations

On March 7, Dr. Camila Ponce Lara, postdoc in our project, was invited to inaugurate the School of Communications and International Relations at the Ramón Llull University, Blanquerna, in Barcelona. Camila’s presentation was entitled “New generations, leaders and power: the Chilean student movement from 2011 to 2021” and was moderated by Professor Moussa Bourekba. The journalist Ricard González also presented on the student movement in Tunisia.

The XXVIII Blanquerna Days conference for Communication and International Relations taking place on March 7, 8 and 9, will be dedicated to “thinking about the university”. With the help of prestigious academics, professionals, and alumni, we will reflect on topics as diverse as the “usefulness of that which is useless”, the relationship between the university and the working world, the use of new technologies in the classroom, the internationalization of curricula, as well as the accommodation of curricula to new professional profiles. We will also examine the political and cultural role of the May ‘68 student protests in Paris and compare them with those that have recently taken place in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Chile, and Sudan.

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