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Konferenzteilnahme an “Energiewandel, Entwicklungsprozesse und internationale Beziehungen”

Our Extractivism Fellow, Prof. Dr. Verónica Robert, from the National University of San Martín and CONICET (Argentina), will take part in a discussion on “Energy Transition, Development Processes and International Relations” together with Dr. Johanna Sittel (University of Jena).

The event will take place on July 10, 2024, from 17h to 19h at Welthaus Stuttgart e.V. (Charlottenplatz 17). It is organized by the Evangelische Akademie Bad Boll.

The conversation will start with the question: is the production of green hydrogen and the mining of lithium enough to promote the energy transition and shape a development process? Several hydrogen projects are currently being developed in southern Argentina, some of which are led by German companies which also want to export ammonia for agriculture to Europe.

Simultaneously, the north of Argentina forms, together with Chile and Bolivia, the Lithium Triangle. Lithium exports are becoming increasingly important due to their function in batteries for e-mobility. Based on the example of Argentina, this discussion will analyze the possibilities, advantages and dangers of such processes in countries of the Global South.

The event is free of charge, and you can find more information and registration at: