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Conference participation at the ISA 2024

From the third to the sixth of April, our postdoc researcher, Dr Luíza Cerioli, participated in the International Studies Association (ISA) Convention in San Francisco, United States.

This year’s convention theme was entitled „Putting Relationality at the Centre of International Studies“, and Dr Cerioli presented her research at three different panels. First, she participated in the panel “Dialogue between Chinese IR and Global South IR (II): China and the Global South in a Relational World” and presented a paper entitled “Interrogating South-South Relations: contradictions of China-Latin America Win-win Partnerships amidst an Intensification of extractivism and multipolarity.”

In the other two panels, she presented papers co-authored with our project coordinator, Dr Hannes Warnecke-Berger, which reflected broad themes of international political economy and international politics on which has been working. The second panel was entitled “Security, Strategy and Competition in a Changing World: Theoretical Prospects and Challenges”, and the paper presented was “Policrisis, uneven development and planetary boundaries: attempting to bridge Realism and IPE”.

The final panel was on “Climate Change and the Environment: Business, State, and IOs”, and their presented paper was entitled “Energy Transition, green growth and emerging multipolarity: opportunity or trap?”

The 2024 Convention accounted with more the 6,500 scholars from approximately 85 different countries.