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The Socio-economic Dynamics of Algeria’s Hirak Protests: An Overlooked Factor

This Extractivism Policy Brief 09/2023 shows:

• In 2019, Algeria experienced one of the largest popular uprisings the country has ever seen in its post-independence history: the Hirak.
• The crisis had been looming for several years, as shifts in the political elite increased. The end of the financial boom exacerbated this process.
• Between 2015 and 2018, oil and gas export revenues declined by an average of 14% per year.
• Socioeconomic factors ultimately contributed to the outbreak of the Algerian hirak.

Download Extractivism Policy Brief 09/2023 (ENGLISH)

Download Extractivism Policy Brief 09/2023 (FRENCH)


author: Mourad Ouchichi (Université de Béjaïa, Algeria)