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What impact has the El Kamour social movement had on the establishment of a new socio-economic development model in Tataouine (Tunisia)?

This Extractivism Policy Brief 04/2024 shows:

  • Tunisia has faced socio-political crises linked to the exploitation of natural resources, mainly in the southern part of the country, over the past two decades.
  • These crises had national and regional consequences, challenging a development model based on rent and the exploitation of underground resources.
  • Certain southern regions, such as Tataouine and Gafsa, are considered marginalized, with significantly higher unemployment rates than the national average.
  • Persistent marginalization led to popular protest movements, including the El Kamour movement in Tataouine in 2017, calling for the redistribution of oil revenue for regional development.

Download Extractivism Policy Brief 04/2024 (ENGLISH)

Download Extractivism Policy Brief 04/2024 (FRENCH)



Author: Mourad Ben Jelloul
(Université de Tunis)