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Institutional change in the context of a rentier economy: the Algerian case

This Extractivism Policy Brief 06/2024 shows:

  • Despite global economic changes, the institutional configurations of the rentier system of accumulation in Algeria remain fundamentally the same.
  • An analysis of this extractivist regime shows that the mode of regulation is at the root of the predominance of extractivist logic in the behaviour of economic stakeholders.
  • Any economic initiative by the state seems to be politically oriented by two major imperatives: the consolidation of the legitimacy of political power and the need to control and regulate society.
  • The Hirak movement in 2019 led to a reconfiguration of the balance of power within the dominant coalition, but without bringing about any real institutional change.

Download Extractivism Policy Brief 06/2024 (ENGLISH)

Download Extractivism Policy Brief 06/2024 (FRENCH)



Author: Samir Bellal
(University of Tizi-Ouzou)