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Climate Change and Consumption Patterns in Latin America: The Urgency of a Structural Transformation

This Extractivism Policy Brief 02/2024 shows:

  • Climate change obstructs Latin America’s development, affecting the economy, society, and the environment. A substantial investment is needed for the 2050-2070 deep decarbonization process.
  • Latin America’s unsustainable development in the last five decades has boosted consumption, employment, and poverty reduction but falls short in addressing chronic poverty and high-income concentration. This undermines economic dynamics and exposes society to climate change impacts.
  • A just climate transition requires changes in consumption patterns, investment in sustainable infrastructure, and the establishment of a universal, high-quality social protection system.
  • Achieving a carbon-neutral economy demands a new global economic paradigm, not just sector-specific mitigation processes. Developing a forward-looking global economic vision for the 21st century is imperative.

Download Extractivism Policy Brief 02/2024 (ENGLISH)

Download Extractivism Policy Brief 02/2024 (SPANISH)



Author: Luis Miguel Galindo
(Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)