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Argentina in the context of the global socioenvironmental crisis: More agro-extractivism to get out of the extractivist problem?

This Extractivism Policy Brief 7/2023 shows:

• Agro-extractivism has shaped the productive matrix during the last four decades in Argentina.
• Agro-extractivism not only does not satisfy the population’s food demand, but also deepens the socio-environmental crisis, generating environmental depredation, health problems, economic concentration, and social polarization.
• To overcome the crisis of agro-extractivism in Argentina, it is necessary to transform the patterns of production, consumption and accumulation, which will require democratizing access to land and promoting agrifood production oriented to the domestic market.
• Agroecological proposals have the capacity to favour climate resilience, promote socioecological diversity and generate healthy food that does not depend on external technology.

Download of Extractivism Policy Brief 07/2023 (ENGLISH)

Download of Extractivism Policy Brief 07/2023 (SPANISH)


author: Cecilia Gárgano (Universidad Nacional de San Martín de Argentina)