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Vortrag am 14.02.2024: Blick des Globalen Südens auf den Ukrainekrieg

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is not only responsible for unspeakable human suffering, but it also points to a multiple shift in international politics. As a result, issues such as war and violence and factors such as raw materials and energy supply have gained importance on the political agenda. It is also clear that the countries of the global South have their perspective on this crisis and are developing political strategies that reveal new patterns of cooperation.
Using the Ukraine crisis as an example, the talk discusses the current dynamics of international politics and situates the positions of the Global South in this context. It turns to the political consequences for future cooperation and shows how a just world economy and peace can be achieved.

Dr Hannes Warnecke-Berger is the project coordinator of the collaborative research project. He researches global political economy, raw materials policy and extractivism, development theory and development policy, North-South relations and peace and conflict research.

The lecture is free of charge.
An event within the framework of “Kassel 1943”.


Event time:  

14. 02 2024

18:00 Uhr



Stadtmuseum Kassel

Ständeplatz 16
34117 Kassel


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