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The historical relationship between extractivism and state weakness in Bolivia: a brief political and economic analysis

This Extractivism Policy Brief 03/2024 shows:

  • Historical dependence on extractive rents has contributed significantly to the structural weakness of the Bolivian State.
  • Ruling political coalitions direct the benefits of extractive rents to only part of society.
  • The dynamic and shifting nature of the governing political coalitions traps the State in a constant (re)negotiation between actors seeking a greater share of extractive rents.
  • Domestic political factors explain the process of rent capturing much better than external factors.

Download Extractivism Policy Brief 03/2024 (ENGLISH)

Download Extractivism Policy Brief 03/2024 (SPANISH)



Author: Guillermo Guzmán Prudencio
(Universidad Mayor de San Andrés)