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Gold Mining (artisanal gold mining): Is it an engine of development in Mauritania?

This Extractivism Policy Brief 5/2023 shows

• In 2021, Mauritania exported approximately 13 million tons of iron, 20% of which was bound for Western Europe.
• The economic structure of this country is increasingly rent based.
• The extractive sector does not act as a catalyst for the country’s development. Its contribution to poverty reduction remains insignificant.
• Poverty remains a significant feature of the country, ranking 157th out of 189 according to the Human Development Index in 2020.

Download of Extractivism Policy Brief 05/2023 (ENGLISH)

Download of Extractivism Policy Brief 05/2023 (FRENCH)


author:  Moustapha Taleb Heidi (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches sur l’Ouest Saharien)