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Hans-Jürgen Burchardt, Cecilia Gárgano, Lucas Christel

Are we confronted with a total environmental breakdown, or can we avoid it? What are the planetary boundaries of today’s dominant forms of production? What alternatives do we have, and how can we promote them? The socio-environmental crisis is unfolding throughout the world with unusual urgency. However, its pervasiveness is not absolute. Within unequal geographies, the Global South continues to occupy a prominent place in plundering global environmental commons.

This book asks for what and for whom the „development“ and „sustainability“ models are focused, based on investigating productive structures and associated socio-environmental effects, actors and institutional frameworks involved, socio-economic dynamics, and alternative experiences. Its chapters seek to provide tools to understand the scope of extractivism and its alternatives.

Exploring case studies and more comprehensive overviews openseveral questions on different and complementary issues. Based on a multidisciplinary approach, the papers make contributions that address theoretical and methodological tools for studying these production dynamics and concrete scenarios in which the socio-ecological crisis emerges and possible alternatives for its transformation. This compilation proposes a collective approach to the socio-environmental problem to contribute to constructing less unequal and more viable worlds.


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