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Launch event, 04.11.2021

Climate Change through Green Resources? Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities from an international perspective

Kick-off event for the project start of the BMBF funded collaborative research project “Raw Material Extractivism in Latin America and the Maghreb” of the University of Kassel and the University of Marburg

Climate change has landed as a central topic on the global political agenda for good. E-mobility, new technologies, innovations, and the hope for non-fossil alternatives such as hydrogen are, today, crucial discussion points. However, the global scope of such strategies remains understated in this debate. What does the global shift towards green and renewable energy mean for the extraction of old and new raw materials and traditional and future supplying countries? This event presents the BMBF project network “Raw Material Extractivism in Latin America and the Maghreb”, an initiative from the universities of Kassel and Marburg. The project takes a closer glance into those matters, seeking approaches to tackle upcoming challenges on the Global South and beyond.



  • Prof. Dr. Michael Wachendorf, Vice President for Research, University of Kassel
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Bölker, Vice President for Research and International Affairs, University of Marburg

Opening Lecture

  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Burchardt, University of Kassel

Roundtable Discussion

  • Johanna Beate Wysluch (GIZ),
  • Hannah Pilgrim (PowerShift e.V.)
  • Dr.-Ing. Sven-Uwe Schulz (BGR; DERA)
  • Moderation: Prof. Dr. Rachid Ouaissa, University of Marburg



04.11.2021, 18.00-20.00 hrs.



Gießhaus, University of Kassel, Mönchebergstraße 5, 34127 Kassel (presential event).


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Finally, please do not forget that the Corona 3G rule applies: attendees must be Vaccinated, Convalesced, or Tested (